The Mysteries of Relevance

Arriving In Louisiana

All the investigators eventually ended up in Louisiana after a few train incidents, involving Leo getting impaled and Nero breaking his leg. In Louisiana, the investigators met Jack Thompson and investigated the boyfriend, john. They went to Fibbinaci’s jazz club and found they should be investigating people with a warped star tattoo. they found that all people with such marks were headed west to the marsh. They also found a shack full of dead fish. Jack was shot when we left off…

The Train to Louisiana

James and Jay were approached by a smiling man named Vick Brenner. He asked them to investigate his sister down in Louisiana. He was worried she was getting into some bad things. Richard Risinger (12) also showed up to tell the two of them to get Leo out of this crap. The duo went to find Leo, but he was not in his home and there was a disconnected phone that a voice some how came through.

James and Jay got on a train headed for Louisiana. On the train, a robbery took place, but James quickly killed the criminal while taking a bullet himself and the other robber leapt off the train.

The Story Up to Now
Summary of Pre-Website Events

The Investigators began in Boston Massachusetts, 1928. They were tasked to investigate a house, surrounding which were a series of odd occurrences. They investigated and eventually dispelled and evil spirit haunting the house. In the process, they also learned of The Church of Contemplation, a church that was raided and destroyed by the police and was suspected of dark magic and human sacrifice. The church was burned down, however the investigators managed to find a hidden chamber that contained some occult books and records, as well as an ominous symbol.

The investigators were next found as they were returning from a case in Arkham. A deadly storm caught up with them on their way back to Boston. In the middle of a storm, a woman stumbled into the road. The investigators helped her and found out about an attempted robbery gone wrong at her grandfather’s (Charles Webb) estate. They found a letter on Miss Webb speaking of an institute for girls. The investigators eventually investigated the house to find Mr. Webb’s journal, and a bronze hilt that channeled electricity into a blade. They eventually confronted and destroyed the “Dead Light” a liquid looking form that consumed the life of anyone it touched and was capable of melting through anything short of thick lead.

The investigators were next found in Arkham where they were hired to find a murderer, but ended up uncovering a cult using the same symbol they saw at the church of contemplation. They also established some shaky contacts in the Arkham Mafia (Brock and Slick) and discovered the police to be corrupt.

The investigators next were recruited by Comissioner Backlan Kane to investigate on odd psychic pyramid, that ended up being full of puzzles, but revealed a man who called himself Constantine at the end.

Finally, the investigators embarked on a journey of discovery with Dr. Andrews, during which Mr. Fitzgerald almost died and they all found many secrets concerning the Elder Things and Shoggoths and a little about the Star Spawn of Cthulhu.

In Solo news, Leo’s long lost orphan acquaintances showed up, James was shot by cultists, then mysteriously set free, and J. Fitzgerald was approached by Dr. Andrews about the Necronomicon and it’s uses. Leo employed the investigators to discover what they could about Ester Keel (11) and the odd address she had written on a pad in his apartment that she had not meant for him to find. They uncovered half of a key to a cipher and a message written in the cipher as well as a wall full of research on Leo.

And that brings us to now.


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